Winds and Meteo.
Resouces and links for Windsurfer, Saliors and Kiters in In the north of the Garda See (Italy).

Real time situation Malcesine / Torbole / Riva del Garda
Webcam live ( I'm in the hotel / apartment, is the wind already started?, are there any others in the water? ):

Circolo Vela Torbole

Webcam Panorama from Porto San Nicolò (Riva Del Garda)

Lido Blu (Torbole)

Spiaggia paradiso


Fraglia vela Malcesine NEW

Radar situation ( Is it raining in the nearby areas? What is the real-time situation? ):

Monte Macaion (TN)

Meteo Swiss (with forecast)


National Civil Defense, based on various radar
Search Torbole Nago. Attention is very slow it shows instantaneous situation.
To see in motion, set the start date and time with the round icon
after press the triangle to the right and wait.

Real time clouds from satellite Meteosat

Satellite Meteosat

Meteo sites

Locali forecast. How will the weather change in the next few days?

Global view: www.meteotrentino.it

Hour by hour: 3Bmeteo

Hour by hour: ilmeteo.it

Long time wheather evolution


Addicted Sports.
Static images with real time wind and temperature situation and history (how time has evolved over the last few hours).
If you press on Wetterstation you have the historical evolution.

Limone, Capo Reamol

Torbole Casa del Sole


Weather forecast by experts (in italian) NEW

Meteogram from MeteoTrentino (for PC)
Meteogram from MeteoTrentino (for SMARTPHONE)

Windfinder, Wind forecast North Garda

Previsions of pressure difference between Bolzano and Brescia/Ghedi (intensity of Ora/Peler)

Pressure difference (prevision intensity of Ora/Peler) and not only

Meteo Blue General situation of winds (and not only), interactive

Weather rain wind, and webcam interactive

MeteoAM, animated general, for detail search Torbole

Wind probability in Torbole during the year (Peler from the North, Ora from the South), air and water temperature

Water temperature